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Therapy Care clinicians stand apart - Do you? - Speech Language PathologistTherapy Care clinicians stand apart.  Focused on creating tangible, lasting results in everything they do, our people are guided by a simple premise:  help clients and patients succeed.

Therapy Care attracts, retains, and develops the best and brightest individuals, those with both brains and heart, experience and enthusiasm.  And yet, beyond those common qualities, there is no typical Therapy Care employee.

Our people boast a variety of backgrounds, interests, and perspectives; at Therapy Care, we know that the interplay of diversity, among ourselves and with our clients, creates a vibrant environment that inspires rehabilitation.

PATH to Success

Therapy Care invites you to join our team and understand how we can ignite your career through our “PATH to Success” program.  This program is targeted at our college graduates who are looking for specific guidance and direction for pursuit of their individual career goals. 

P -Learn to become a Partner
  • IFSP and IEP teams
  • Families and caregivers
  • Medical and rehabilitation teams
A -Become Accomplished in your field
  • Deliver the highest clinical standard of care
  • Develop programs which incorporate the knowledge of all team members
T - Become Trained in a specialized area
  • Therapy Care, Ltd. will support you in learning a specific clinical skill
  • We offer a training and education commitment that is above the standard
H -Learn to offer Help
  • Offer suggestions to parents and caregivers
  • Assist administrators and medical staff
  • Remediate the difference in you patients

Benefits & Compensation

Therapy Care's continued success depends on the Company's ability to meet its employees' evolving needs. Therapy Care's benefit package offers a comprehensive spectrum of choices designed to protect the welfare of each employee and their families and to meet their different needs.

Therapy Care Offers

Full-time Benefits (Minimum 30 hours per week) Part-time Benefits
Competitive Salary
CF supervision


Excellent mentoring program
Referral bonuses
Continued business bonus
Tuition reimbursement program
Paid housing program


Paid sick and personal days
Flexible scheduling
Quarterly in-service opportunities
Group Health insurance


Group Dental insurance


Life/AD&D insurance


Long Term Disability


Vision Plan


Annual education benefit


Professional Liability Insurance (malpractice)


Health Wellness benefit


Resource Library
Technical equipment

Our Culture

Therapy Care is able to deliver leading-edge clinical solutions consistently to our patients and clients by bringing together highly talented people in a creative, collaborative environment. It’s what makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding and is one of the reasons why Therapy Care is a great place to work.

We pride our employee success on the following:

  • Living by our core values; this shapes the culture and defines the character of our company.
  • Focusing on teamwork; together, you can experience the satisfaction of finding innovative ways to enable clients to reach their goals.
  • Investing in training and development; we hire the best people and help them become even better.
  • Providing a supportive work environment; with access to a vast array of resources, Therapy Care helps every employee build their career.
  • Lending a hand in our community; this is an important way to build positive relationships with all our stakeholders and create powerful lasting results.
Speech Language Pathologist
The support from the staff and administration. I have always felt that the entire staff here is truly here to support me in my career as an SLP, rather than just to employ me.
– Kristin D.

My favorite thing about working for Therapy Care, Ltd. is that there is always someone available to answer my questions and concerns. Everyone is helpful, understanding, and non-judgmental. They are also available to help me understand what areas I need to work on.
– Rose C.

I enjoy working at Therapy Care because I am challenged every day and have an opportunity to work with a very talented, caring and passionate group of professionals. Their passion is exhibited by a strong desire to do whatever it takes to provide the best possible care in the field. A positive attitude and respect are core requirements and really impact the ongoing success of Therapy Care, Ltd. At Therapy Care, Ltd. we embrace the power, talent and passion of our co-workers in order to move the company forward and achieve our shared vision and goals.
– Kim P.

Bobbie and the entire staff is absolutely wonderful to wok for!  Therapy Care is the best employer and company that I have been a part of!
-Danielle V.
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